Thursday, March 14, 2019


Several years ago I wrote about a fabulous dog in my book THE TRUE STORY OF JIM THE WONDER DOG. Words on the dust jacket proclaim that Jim could understand foreign languages, Morse code, recognize colors, numbers and predict the future. It's never been proven that he couldn't.

We do love our dogs. And they are all wondrous in their own ways.  My husband and I certainly unabashedly adore our 16-month-old Samoyed, Emily. Although she doesn't do the things that Jim supposedly did, she is a pretty smart girl . . . and she is very photogenic.  

This week we traveled to North Carolina to visit our daughter's in-laws.  We like these people and would be friends with them even if we weren't "related" by marriage.  But, they do not own a dog and we were concerned that Emily might be too furry, too rambunctious, too doggy for them.

Emily—before seven hour trip commences. She knows something's up. Before now her trips have been to the vet, the pet store, doggie daycare, and short  jaunts to visit local friends and family.

We secured Emily with a strap that fastened into the seat belt holder. It is attached to her safety harness. In our small Honda that's the most practical solution for travel.  It's never a good idea to travel with a dog in the front seat.

Emily was not sure about the accusing voice on our car navigation system when we made an unexpected turn off the route. But our Samoyed settled down for the ride rather quickly.
Our pet was a travel ambassador at the rest stops, greeting everyone. Water was procured from their handy fountains. We packed quite a lot for the trip, including Emily's crate, dog food, dishes, a few toys, a long leash.  She is microchipped but we made sure she was also wearing identification.
Upon arrival, Emily checked out the excellent lakeside view and vegetation in our hosts' house.

Emily learned the lay of the land on a golf cart tour. . . and in the back of our hosts' van.

She helped with dish "washing" after meals. I knew Emily had arrived when my fellow mother-in-law encouraged this!

Our furry family member took our host for a walk at sunrise 
and was wind-whipped with everyone at Blowing Rock.
She slept peacefully in her crate at night, although she did check under the bed.
At the end of our visit, our hosts said please come again . . . and bring Emily!
They said our Wonder Dog was an excellent guest!
I think Emily's travel future looks rosy indeed!


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