Sunday, February 27, 2011


His name is Rocky.
He has intelligent brown eyes and a luxurious, silky moustache.
Rocky’s profile is superb. He knows it and shows it off quite regularly.
This giant schnauzer is a brawny boy. Every one of his 130 pounds looks quite impressive.

My Airedale terrier, Scarlett, thinks he’s a hunk! They have a great time together.
The two dogs have known each other since they were pups. Here they are the day they first met.  Even then, Scarlett stared at him adoringly.

Alas, Rocky isn’t monogamous. He has quite a few ladies on the side. Fortunately, Scarlett doesn’t know that last year, when her love was boarded at a "doggie hotel," he cunningly unlatched the cages of two of them.  Rogue Rocky and his liberated “girlfriends” were discovered frolicking on the dog run!

He’s also opened our back door several times and made a mad dash through our house to see Scarlett. 

Rocky likes me.  I'll be slaving away at my computer in my downstairs office and be startled to see him gazing lovingly at me
through the window.

Although he can look intimidating, Rocky is a cream puff with people he knows, other dogs and . . . yes, rabbits. Here he is with Ms. Hopper, yet another woman. But he lives with this one.  She's kind of like . . . kind of like his sister.

Should Ms. Hopper be nervous around this big guy? Nah, this rogue really likes women.  Hmmm . . . 


  1. Love the photos!!! And great story captures Rocky beautifully!

  2. Thanks, dear neighbor! He is a cool dude. But, we have lots of wonderful dogs in our neck of the woods. I'm thinking of a daring blond, young explorer right now!