Sunday, April 24, 2011


Candice Ransom is a prolific and talented author.  She's also my cherished friend of over 20 years.  We were in the same writing group for a decade–Candice actually took me on my first “author trip” to New York City!  Today she answers the burning question, “WHAT’S ON YOUR FRIDGE?"

Candice says, “Outside my house, I’m a successful writer, with 115 children’s books published, and two degrees earned after the age of 50:  an MFA in writing for children from Vermont College and an MA in children’s literature from Hollins University.  I also teach at Hollins University’s Graduate Program in Children’s Writing and Literature.  Inside my house, I’m an ordinary writer plugging away on and struggling with my current project.”

  Drum roll!  Are you ready?  Here's what's on Candice's 14-year-old almond-colored Sears Kenmore fridge.
 (Candice describes her fridge as nothing fancy—it was new when they built their house fourteen years go.  At the moment, the ice-maker isn't working, so she's using old-fashioned ice trays.)

Candice says, "The best part of being a writer is that I get to stay home and be near my refrigerator which I raid whenever I’m stuck!  No photographs decorate my refrigerator, no homilies or grocery lists.  Instead there are vintage die-cut food cards, probably from a home economics class in the late 50s.  The cards reflect my love of all things vintage.  I’ve filled our home with shabby junk and family memorabilia, turning our modern farmhouse into a sanctuary that allows me to slip back to 1950 or 1923 or 1934.  I’m better able to work being surrounded by the past, away from the glare and racket of the present.
Here’s what Candice likes most on her fridge and why.
"As for my favorite thing on my refrigerator, it would have to be this spatted, tuxedoed gentleman.  He loves the refrigerator even more than I do.

Candice, please share your philosophy of life  as demonstrated by WHAT’S ON YOUR FRIDGE.

 “Although the cards on the refrigerator look back to another time, my work is firmly fixed on the project at hand.  You won’t find copies of my books on any shelf in my house—they’re all stashed away.  I don’t want to be reminded of what I did, only concentrate on what I’m doing."

Many thanks to you and your refrigerator, Candice Ransom.

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  1. This was such a fun thing to do! And Winchester loves being on other people's blogs--I think he's visited more blogs than I have!

    Thanks for inviting me!