Monday, March 28, 2011


Today, Carol Hinz, who not only is a fabulous editor I've been privileged to work with for many years, but also a great biscuit baker, answers the burning question, "WHAT'S ON YOUR FRIDGE?"

Carol is editorial director of Millbrook Press, a division of Lerner Publishing Group. She oversees the Millbrook imprint and edits titles in a range of subject areas for grades K-5.  She blogs about Millbrook nearly every Monday and recently joined Twitter.

Carol shares with us:
“The thing I most enjoy about my job as an editor is the variety. I edit middle-grade nonfiction as well as picture books in rhyming verse; I work with authors, illustrators, and photographers; and there's always a new and exciting project on the horizon.”

Drum roll!  Are you ready?
Here’s what’s on Carol’s 7-year-old GE Profile refrigerator.
Carol says: “The items on my fridge all have either sentimental value (e.g. photos, Keep Libraries Open pin) or practical value (e.g. city hall phone #, poison control).”

We go one step further!  Here’s what Carol likes most on her fridge and why.
“The close-up photo shows my Eat/Die magnets. They're from the Walker Art Center, and they're based on the work "The Green Diamond Eat The Red Diamond Die" by Robert Indiana (1962). Here's a link.  I've had the magnets for many years. As I remember, the idea behind this work of art is that Indiana wanted to portray life in the most fundamental way possible, and he reduced it to eating and death. It might seem a little morbid, but I thought the idea of turning the work of art into a set of refrigerator magnets was hilarious.”

Wonderful, Carol!  Please share with us your philosophy of life as demonstrated by WHAT’S ON YOUR FRIDGE.

“Hmmm . . . as demonstrated by my fridge, my philosophy of life is to balance the sentimental with the practical. You need both elements to be happy!”

Many thanks to you and your refrigerator, Carol Hinz!


  1. Great article - love the Eat-Die magnets.

  2. Hi. I love your robert indiana fridge magnets. Just came from his show St the Whitney and would love to get something of his that isn't a LOVE icon. Could you tell me where you got them? Thanks!