Thursday, September 29, 2011


I consider fall to be better than January 1st for resolutions and fresh starts because I love the hustle and bustle that begins with back-to-school time and ends with winter holidays.

I'm kicking off my blog's new season in a BIG way!  Emily Mitchell is one of the most elegant, insightful editors with whom I've been privileged to work.  I'll be eternally grateful that she saw the possibilities in my manuscript about Emily Dickinson and her beloved dog. (Emily and Carlo gorgeously illustrated by the amazing Catherine Stock, will be published by Charlesbridge in February.)  Emily M. is also sassy and fun.  Today, she answers the burning question, "WHAT'S ON YOUR FRIDGE?"

Emily Mitchell is senior editor and director of corporate strategy at Charlesbridge Publishing, where she has worked for the past ten years. She acquires and edits picture books through middle grade, fiction and nonfiction.  She also coordinates Charlesbridge's Digital Task Force and handles all author and illustrator contracts. 

Emily shares with us:
"What I enjoy most about editing is the collaboration:  working with wicked smart and creative people who can collectively come up with fabulous ideas that I could never imagine on my own."

Drum roll!  Are you ready?
Here's what's on Emily's refrigerator!  She affectionately describes her appliance as "a GE Piece of Crap That Came With the House, circa 1990 something."

Here's a close-up of what Emily likes most on her fridge and why.

Emily:  "My favorite thing on my fridge is my 'I found Jesus' magnet, which never fails to crack me up.  See – churchy people can be funny too."

So true, Emily!  Please share with us your philosophy of life as demonstrated by WHAT'S ON YOUR FRIDGE?

Emily:  "Life is messy.  I try to bring order to the chaos, but sometimes it's better to ignore the outside messiness and worry instead about what's inside — since that $hit can kill you if you let it fester too long."

Many thanks to you and your refrigerator, Emily Mitchell!


  1. I'm quite certain you are the only person who has ever accused me of being elegant.

  2. Then it's about time somebody did! Thanks again for sharing your fridge!