Saturday, April 21, 2012


I've never made a trip that required a passport—until a few eventful days ago, when I embarked on a mother/daughter trip to Ireland.  Needless to say, I was excited!

There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet. -William Butler Yeats

It all began as my daughter, Meg, so aptly described . . . "Flew into Ireland this morning with a live Irish band playing traditional music on and off throughout our flight and spent the day looking at the Book of Kells and sipping Guinness with me mudder. Slainte!"
We marveled at the gorgeous, ancient Trinity College Library.  The thought of all the eloquence contained in those aged tomes brought tears to my eyes!

I am not young enough to know everything. -Oscar Wilde

Later that day we met up with Meg's dear friend, Dawn, her delightful mom, Julie—and their traveling companion, Seamus the Famous!

I'm not sure of the origin of Seamus's fame, but during our travels he exhibited extreme confidence.  For example the conceited gnome insisted that I photograph him on this pedestal (actually an Irish stone toadstool).

The five of us traveled from Dublin across "the green country," stopping at Kilkenny and  Galway. Massive kudos to Dawn who exhibited fabulous driving skills.  She negotiated the infamous Irish roundabouts with aplomb!

During our journey we reveled in Ireland's beauty and history . . . 

There were beautiful antiquities,

ancient rivers,

and gorgeous landscapes,

graced by old churches, 

medieval castles,
and, a few very charming Irish dancers.

Of course, we encountered some Irish whimsey along the way.
And some Seamus whimsey too.
Enough already!
Old friendships were celebrated.

Meg and Dawn have been best friends since high school.

New friendships formed.
I loved traveling with and getting to know Dawn's mother, Julie!

On our last day together we marveled at the gorgeous Cliffs of Moher.  So what if "bad hair" resulted from those gusty Irish winds.

It was fun to for two mothers and two daughters to experience the wonders of Ireland together.

Thanks to my wonderful daughter Meg, for taking this trip with me.  It has already become a treasured memory.
We both have been accused of being fiery women—must say we looked the part with our "flame-like" tendrils!

Famous Seamus, on the other hand, unfazed by the breezy blasts, remained smooth and in the groove.

O Ireland, isn't it grand you look—
Like a bride in her rich adornin'?
And with all the pent-up love of my heart
I bid you the top o' the mornin'! -John Locke

And a fond farewell!


  1. Lovely post Mrs. Figley! I'm so happy I got to hear about it on your blog. Seamus is shameless! hogging all the attention! hahaha.

    1. Seamus the Famous definitely added "something" to the trip, that's for sure! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post, Lisette! Hugs from me to you and Squints!

  2. Hi Mrs Figley, Thank you for writing about your trip to Ireland and including such great photos! I'm so pleased to hear that you had such a wonderful time and the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of Ireland.

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! It was a great mother/daughter trip that I'll never forget. I'm so glad you liked the photos. It was hard to take a bad picture amidst those gorgeous surroundings.